Making Your WordPress Plugin Pluggable

The WordPress API offers a terrific solution for hooking in and extending or customizing performance. In some cases, nevertheless, you might find it useful to hook into another plugin instead of WordPress itself and to extend or modify that plugin’s functionality rather. Here’s an example of making your plugin pluggable: interaction (or lack of) in between WooCommerce and … Read More


Single Post as Home Page in WordPress

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a new premium theme for WordPress that would feature a single post on the home page. The one issue I needed to overcome was that I wanted that post to appear the same as it would on the single post page, which meant also displaying the comments. This wasn’t as straightforward as you might think, though I did find a few different ways to make it happen. Change the WordPress query The easiest is to just insert two lines of code into the theme’s index.php file right before the WordPress…