The company behind WordPress is closing its gorgeous San Francisco office because its employees never show up

Automattic, the technology business that owns, has a stunning workplace in a converted San Francisco storage facility, with soaring ceilings, a library, and a personalized We got a workplace there about six or seven years ago, pretty good lease, however nobody goes in it. 5 people enter it and it’s 15,000 square feet. They get like 3,000 square feet each. … There are as numerous video gaming tables as there are people.Automattic has constantly offered its 550 staff members the option of working remotely; the San Francisco area was an optional co-working space, representative Mark Armstrong stated. The…


4 Crucial Things You Need To Know When Using WordPress

Have you ever wondered why some individuals prosper more than others when using WordPress as a platform for running their blog or website?The response is quite obvious: They understand some tricks you do not know.It’s not just enough to utilize WordPress, you have to know some hacks that can often make all the difference.The Top 4 WordPress Tips And Tricks < img title= "Use Plugins with Care “src=””alt =”Use Plugins with Care”width=”719” height =”332″> Currently, there are over 49,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.While the use of plugins is a need as far as WordPress is concerned, we…


How Korske Ara of World Photo Day Uses WordPress — SitePoint

World Photo Day occurs when a year on August 19, and celebrates our enthusiasm for photography. Initially established way back in 1837, photographer Korske Ara revived the event in 2009, and it’s been going strong ever since. “Photography is a powerful technique of communication that we can use to uplift, inspire and initiate modification in our world. A picture is worth a thousand words and those words can be in any of the 6,500 languages on world earth”. Korske Ara– Founder, World Picture Day The public face of World Image Day is a WordPress site. We recently captured up…