The Best Ways To Utilize Google Matched Material to Program Related Posts in WordPress

Did you know that you can utilize Google AdSense to also show related posts in WordPress? Matched Content is a Google AdSense feature that allows you to show associated posts in WordPress while likewise earn money by showing advertisements alongside. In this short article, we will show you how to easily use Google Matched Material to reveal associated posts in WordPress.

What is Google AdSense Matched Content?Google AdSense Matched Content is a native ad system that permits you to reveal associated posts from your site. You likewise have the alternative to monetize this unit with pertinent ads that are shown alongside your related posts.Here’s how the Matched Content system looks like:

You can tailor the feel and look of the widget to match your website layout, and it is 100 %responsive (mobile-friendly). You may be wondering exactly what are the Pros and Cons of using Google Matched Content unit?Pros: Less Server Resources– By default, WordPress associated posts plugins are resource extensive. By utilizing Matched Content widget from Google,you’re offloading the server load to them.– Google’s sophisticated algorithm reveals a post that’s more relevant to the person viewing.Cons: Powered by Logo design– Google displays a powered by link in Matched Content Unit which some may find unattractive.Now that you understand what is Google Matched Content, let’s take a look at the best ways to add it in your WordPress site.Getting Started with Google Matched

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