Preparation a Company Site? WORDPRESS is The Method to Go!

Released 14 years ago in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as an easy content blogging platform, WordPress is now the most popular and widely utilized Content Management System (CMS) in the world. From business websites to blog sites, it is utilized by millions of websites worldwide.

Presently the world’s top tech blogs are worked on the WordPress platform and co-founder Matt Mullenweg created 51 translations for sites supported by the platform and the existing figure stands at 72+ languages, expanding its use world-wide.

With countless websites utilizing WordPress as their CMS, other platforms like Drupal, Joomla, etc are dragging in regards to appeal. 11 from Fortune 500 business use WordPress to power their websites due to the fact that of its ease of use, versatility and versatile features.

49% of leading 1 million sites of the world usage WordPress, while 5% usage Drupal and 3% are on Joomla. Another amazing truth to use the platform is that 83.5% of WordPress websites utilize Google Analytics and WooCommerce, a complimentary WordPress ecommerce plugin powers over 28% of all estores and 52,182 plugins are already readily available to download! A lot for any industrial site to draw the online client and supply them a smooth online shopping experience.

A lot of successful WordPress business are– AUTOMATTIC, a web development corporation clocks it income at $1.2 billion, followed by WPENGINE, a leading web host in the handled WP host category with a profits of $73 million and last but not the least is ENVATO, the world’s leading marketplace and neighborhood for innovative assets and imaginative people prices estimate an earnings of $94 million.

Now, with the above stated facts and figures, it is obvious that WordPress is the perfect platform if you wish to build responsive, interactive and practical company websites. The most prominent advantages and factors for this are specified listed below:

1. The finest thing– It’s FREE!

WordPress is 100% free and no matter how popular your site becomes it will constantly be free to use. Adding to this it is open source, which implies you can modify the source code to develop the website you have in mind. This also gets rid of the need to employ web designers for running or preserving your WordPress site.

2. Definitely online search engine friendly

Because of the tidy coding used by WordPress making its structure easy to crawl, browse engines have a natural affinity to indexing these sites with ease. The presence of keywords, meta descriptions and tags make sure holistic search engine optimization. With the complimentary YOAST SEO plugin, your website will be significantly browse engine friendly.

3. Very safe and secure

WordPress is constantly upgrading its software to avoid attacks and has an automated update feature because the release of variation 3.7. Provide the appeal of the CMS, it is on the target of hackers but WP takes the security of its users as a leading concern and takes measures to contribute to your standard website security system.

4. You have total site control

WordPress CMS’ options provide total site control and decrease reliance on website designers. You can carry out regular updates on your site with no support. And if you find yourself stuck or unsure about an upgrade, there is an extremely active WordPress community to assist you out.

5. Easy fixing

The extensive WordPress community provides terrific support when you find yourself stuck on a feature. Just publish a question or issue on a WordPress forum and there will be scores of members ready to repair for you.

6. State bye to FTP software application and HTML editing

As a self adequate platform WordPress will not require an extra FTP or HTML software. WordPress easily permits you to submit text, article, images and files or any kind of multimedia files into a page or post.

7. Comes down to work right away

WordPress can get down to work instantly after setup. It does not require a tedious setup to start dealing with be it add-ons that feature miscellaneous features or RSS feeds, comments, and so on. It is notoriously called the “5 minute install”. It is easy to setup, manage and update; one doesn’t have to be a web professional or HTML coder to use WordPress.

8. Variety of plug-ins

There are 1.5 billion+ WordPress plugin downloads. The most popular WordPress plugin downloads are– Akismet

  • with 5 million+ active installs,
  • Yoast SEO with 5 million+ active installs,
  • Contact Kind 7 with 5 million+ active installs and,
  • Jetpack with 4 million+ active installs therefore much more.

For performance improvement WordPress provides plenty of special and amazing plugins for functionality enhancement and some of these are readily available free of charge. You can include social networks feeds, image galleries, event calendars, etc to amp your website. Without coders you can include complex organisation features to your site.

9. As you like it– Totally Personalized

Umpteen themes and plugins provided by WordPress allow you to choose the appearance and performance of your website in-line with your plan and expectations. Ability to ‘tailor’ is the hallmark of this platform and the single biggest factor to its appeal. Get 100% personalized website design to engage your target market.

10. Not limited to one hosting provider

WordPress practically deals with every server there is and therefore whenever you wish to alter your host or company, you can do it easily without a lot of downtime. WP also uses many free site hosting options as well.

11. Mobile friendly currently

It is essential for sites to be responsive on all devices, particularly smart devices and tablets. With WordPress these concerns can be put to rest due to the fact that the platform is currently mobile friendly due to the accessibility of large number of responsive styles. Mobile website use is increasing and for you to be able to manage your site from anywhere WordPress is designed to work from smart devices as well as PCs.

12. Enables simple integration

Your WordPress site can quickly incorporate with the most handy and powerful platforms and company for getting an edge above others like combination with payment gateways, introducing mail campaigns and much more.

13. Website management is a breeze

Together with the built-in updater for security purposes, WordPress likewise notifies you when there are updates for themes and plugins. This keeps your website updated with all patterns and updates, keeping it fresh and smooth.

14. Blogs, etc

WordPress has a post and page structure which permits day-to-day blog posts, static pages, etc which takes it beyond its track record of a good blogging platform. While WordPress began as a blogging platform, it has actually gradually metamorphosed into a 360 degrees web material management system. You can utilize WP to handle both your whole site, not just the blog.

15. Deals fantastic ecommerce services

To transform your website into a complete fledged online store, plugins like Shopp, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce can be your go to tools. These plugins will assist create an income stream for your online business.

16. Develop a special subscription site

For establishing a neighborhood around your site and to continue increasing the loyalty base together with creating an extra earnings, then you can change your WP site into a complete membership website by offering helpful and specific niche material.

17. Multi-user capacity

WordPress also recognizes the possibility of having numerous people running you website, because case it has made it easy for you to designate functions like that of the Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Factor and customer with respective profile functions which can be found on WordPress Codex.

18. One-click publishing

Prepared with your short article, believed piece or blog post and can’t wait to share it with the world? All you have to do is click one button and your post will be released. Likewise, there are some mobile apps that permit you to publish content from any place. It is a first-rate web publishing system.

19. Continuously developing

The finest designers are absorbed by WordPress making it one of the most self-improving platforms. To contribute to this provided the open source format, any developer can up the user experience to make it the best CMS out there.

20. Very scalable

WordPress websites will always use seamless functionality in addition to scalability for your organisation website. This scalability offered by WP will take your venture to brand-new heights. High efficiency with powerful media management clubbed with total security assists one include all sorts of performance that makes WordPress a complete package.

To scale up a WordPress installation for fulfilling the requirements of a form/company’s site with countless month-to-month page views or thousands of users, there are some factors to consider that exceed a fundamental setup and need certain arrangements, let’s take a look at them– Search alternative: WordPress

  • ‘search feature is very fundamental and enough for the majority of the sites however with websites that have countless posts to run through, the integrated search option can be sluggish and spoil the visitor’s experience. For this there are open-source scalable search options, like Elasticsearch and Solr that deal with WordPress to optimise search indexes delivering instant search engine result across millions or billions, of source files. Content arrangement: A content delivery network(CDN) or a network file storage systemact in the very same method asa reverse proxy by saving and dispersing files and media independently from the existing WordPress setup. This accelerates shipment, providing visitors much quicker results on requested pages. Caching: To reduce or eliminate server load, WordPress offers numerous caching tools like reverse proxies that
  • acts as intermediary services, gathering and serving cached data to users without enquiring the WordPress database. The reverse proxy just serves a fixed cache of data, eliminating interrogation of the database and the requirement to carry out code or procedure commands. Understand horizontal scalability: For sites receiving high traffic, another prerequisite is to develop the website with a flexible serverbase so that when the demand soars you can depend upon extra servers to manage the traffic. With cloud-based alternatives, this horizontal scalability communicates that you can constantly have appropriate architecture on-demand and no downtime is suffered. This stabilizes the load and optimises the resources being used so that there is enhancement of capacity and decrease of reaction time. With the above mentioned benefits and aspects it is clear that WordPress can be one of the most effective and best platforms for your organisation if the right infrastructure, resources and services are used.
  • Business sites like Sony Music, Vogue, Mercedes Benz, Bacardi, Microsoft News Center, SAP’s info platform and Rotary Club are all powered by A few of the trendsetters in the international home entertainment market like Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones and numerous others have their websites working on WordPress. The opportunities provided are endless and provide you total ownership of your site which may be the ultimate factor to use this platform.

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