10 Typical WordPress site mistakes you might be making.

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Site Design Pretoria-Putting Your Business Online Is your WordPress website still running as smooth as the day it was launched? If not, there may be a number of reasons that your WordPress website is not performing the method it was intended to carry out.

In a previous post we took a look at what triggers a broken WordPress website. In today’s article we will look at a few of the reasons why your WordPress site may be failing you. This list is not extensive however will allow you to take a look at a few of the concerns yourself and fix them

yourself. Possible causes and repairs:

  • Are you supporting your WordPress website?

You might be ideal if you specify that your web hosting company is doing the backups for you. Not all hosting companies does this. Even if your webhost does incremental backups it may not be enough. What if the server decreases and your backups are lost. Backing up your WordPress website yourself is among the most important but often ignored consider keeping your site healthy. We recommend ‘n plugin named UpdraftPlus which can automate the backup process of your WordPress website. It can be set to download backups to your Dropbox account, Google Drive or one of a few other cloud storage options. UpdraftPlus has a free reduced variation offered as well. You can even setup the plugin to download your WordPress website backup during night when you are not working on your website. From these backups you can quickly restore your site to a previous working variation. The best feature of this plugin depends on that it is also a migration tool that can quickly migrate your website to a various domain.

  • Can your webhosting company handle a WordPress site?

Not all webhosting companies are equivalent. In order to correctly run a WordPress website a server need to have some muscle and must be able to support WordPress as a platform. Although WordPress can be worked on a Shared Server Hosting Plan you require to make certain that the server has at least the required PHP, MySQL and Apache software application. Utilizing them ourselves, we recommend Afrihost for all our South African based customers, not just for their reputable servers however likewise for their exceptional support. If you acquire a domain and a hosting bundle at Afrihost through this link you will get 50% of your very first billing. You will also be able to sign up domain free of charge for the very first 12 months.

  • Are you using a cache plugin?

As you will know, WordPress is a database-driven website. It is likewise dynamic in the sense that you can change the content of your WordPress site routinely. When someone check outs your website PHP code is utilized to request details from your website’s database. The PHP code then uses the information to build a HTML page which can be viewed by the visitor in his/her web browser. In order to lower database requests from various visitors a “cache” is produced. “Caching” just means storing those HTML pages and serving it to visitors without having to obtain the information from the database again.

Some webhosts have their own caching performance. If your webhost does not have this you can add a complimentary plugin such as W3 Total Cache or WP Supercache to your WordPress website. Both these plugins have been downloaded and installed on more than 1 million WordPress sites. Are you resizing your images prior to publishing them to

  • your WordPress website? This is one of the most common reasons sites end up being sluggish. We

    have seen website owners uploading images of 1 MB and larger to their sites. When a visitor check outs your website, and clicks on an image to open it the size of that image will determine the speed. An image taking ages to open and you losing your visitor, your site’s database, where the image is stored, it also becomes sluggish as it attempts to retrieve information from an overburdened database. It is best practice to always resize your images prior to publishing it to your WordPress site. If you do not have access to Photoshop you can always use a totally free image editor such as Gimp. Another gem to assist you with resizing your images is a totally free online image resize website called TinyPNG. You can resize both.png and.jpg images. If your site already has big images and you are not comfortable with retrieving them from the database for resizing, you can use a smart little plugin called WP Are you handling broken links and 404 errors? There are a couple of things that will go after a visitor away from your site within seconds. Broken links are certainly one of the top factors why your WordPress website might be underperforming. When you alter an URL, you must redirect

the old URL to the new URL. If not, visitors will see that unpleasant 404-page error. In addition, online search engine will not have the ability to crawl and index your WordPress website correctly. The simplest method to add a redirect in WordPress is using a totally free plugin called Redirection which will assist you in developing 301 redirections on your WordPress site. In order to scan your website for damaged

links that you might not be conscious of you can utilize a complimentary plugin called Broken Link Checker. Your WordPress site offers you a best blogging platform and why would you not use it. It is a great tool to interact with your target audience/ clients. Even much better is receiving comments which is a terrific sign that individuals read your material. Most remarks are spam.

Whilst some remarks may clearly be spam other might be well camouflaged as well composed comments which sadly promotes another website. Allowing spam will not agree with potential clients as it will most definitely harm your track record. In order to handle spam we recommend a two-step technique. First we need to visit the discussion settings in your WordPress Administration area and pick the alternative to authorize remarks manually. Now that you will be able to authorize

the remarks yourself the very first gate for spam has actually been shut. For the 2nd gate we suggest the following plugins for you to think about: Akismet: Depending on your hosting Company Akismet typically comes pre-installed

with WordPress. Akismet is a preferred plugin and used by numerous WordPress website owners.

it on customers’sites. Are you still utilizing admin as your username which ridiculous password? When we produce a site for a customer, this is the very first thing that we change. Every want-to-be hacker knows that WordPress produces a default administrator name(admin)and password(pass)upon setup, if you do not pick a different username and password. Hackers use “bots”that will attempt to get access to your website by creating random passwords and try them together with the username’admin’. These attempts are called strength attacks because the bot will bombard your site with login efforts till it may succeed. An example of a weak password: ILovecandy An example of a fairly weak password: Ilovecandy101 An example of a strong password: & U%^ rg%^ & h)fgM #sd We therefore appeal to anybody who is still utilizing the default admin login information to immediately change it. In addition to changing your login information we likewise advise more security stepsfor your WordPress site. By utilizing securityplugins you

can further boost your website’s security and avoid access to your website

through other avenues. We suggest the usage of one of these&two plugins which have complimentary variations

also. They are iThemes Security and Wordfence. Although bothe these plugins are free they do have paid versions which we recommend you consider. We utilize Wordfence. In order to prevent being logged out for forgetting your password we advise the usage of or Dashlane. Both of these platforms are trusted by numerous and does quite a great task at keeping your passwords safe . You just need a master password to access these 2 tools and they will keep all your passwords. We utilize Dashlane. Are you still utilizing

the default permalink settings? In WordPress lingo the URLs that you create when you create a post is called permalinks. WordPress offers us a variety of various methods which we can set the permalinks. Regrettably, for instance, WordPress develops user unfriendly permalinks( URLS)such as There is no other way for a human user to understand whether this post is about the upcoming intergalactic knitting expo,

  • or about the benefits of healthy feet. Fortunately this can quickly be

    set to show your post’s URL to the title of your post as can be seen in this image. Have you obstructed online search engine’ access to your website? This has actually happened to many individuals, myself included. When you design and establish a WordPress website on a staging platform such as a sub-domain or a designer server, you have the alternative to discourage search engines to index the site.

    This makes good sense due to the fact that you would desire the online search engine to remember of the new site when it has actually been introduced with its

    • own domain by itself server. By mishap a developer/ designer may nevertheless forget to change this setting and you may be none the better and be having a hard time to understand why your website is no place to be found on the search engines. It might be an advantage to navigate to Settings > > Reading in your WordPress Admin Area and unclick the button as pointed to in this image. Are you upgrading your WordPress site? We have actually left this one for last, as this is the main cause of your WordPress website losing its rhythm. WordPress as a PHP platform,

      gets updated regularly whenever a brand-new feature or security step is included, gotten rid of, enhanced or customized. Updates to your WordPress website is critically

      • crucial. Updates typically comes in 3 formats such as updates

        to the WordPress Core Platform, the Style you may be using, in addition to the plugins set up on your WordPress site. These updates have a cascading result which I will illustrate in this example. Let’s say the PHP programming language is enhanced in some method or another. This change may be beneficial for WordPress

        as it might make specific jobs quicker or change out-of-date functions with new ones. In order for WordPress to take advantage of this progress it need to embrace its core code and launch it as a significant update. If you do not upgrade WordPress you may have a website that can not process the new commands. If

        you update WordPress you now have a much better core system. Nevertheless, your Theme may need to be enhanced to adopt these new functions which will cause a theme update.The exact same will get plugins that require to communicate with the theme as well as the WordPress core code. I can not think the number of WordPress site owners I needed to assist, where the site has actually not been updated in lots of months and even years. If you are severe about your site and comprehend the value it plays in your business, there can be no excuse for an outdated WordPress website. You are welcome to comment listed below or contact us here must you have any comments or concerns.

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