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6 Essential WordPress Plugins for Solopreneurs

This post is part of a series produced in partnership with SiteGround. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible.Much like a single

moms and dad doing all the cooking, cleansing, and parenting, a solopreneur must be all things to their organisation. They must be tech oriented and able to toss together a great looking and practical website. They must be the sole sales representative and someone marketing group. They are often the accountant, shipping clerk, customer care partner, and pretty much other function you can believe of. That’s a lot of hats and a lots of pressure on your shoulders. However if it were simple, everyone would be doing it, right?This article is about taking a couple of things off your plate. Relieving the pressure and helping you, the solopreneur, for a modification. If you can save some time and increase your overall performance, then you can focus on more vital things or perhaps take a day of. Without more ado, here are 6 essential plugins for your WordPress website:1.

Offering live chat as a solopreneur isn’t really simple. With the Grammarly) and a handful of damaged relate to it. This is where Broken Link Checker becomes yourBroken Link Checker

hero. This plugin becomes your eyes and ears for looking for any links on your site that merely do not work, redirect, or are missing out on images. It has the capability to actively monitor your pages, article, and any custom-made fields you prefer for any such broken links.

Broken Link Checker

In the settings menu, you can see a quick status upgrade of your site which will tell you if you have any damaged links discovered. If there are any discovered it will inform you the number of remain in your work queue for you to repair. You’ve also have the alternative to set how often the plugin look for damaged links and how it alerts you. While this may not be a game changer for your procedure, it is most certainly going to help you appear more expert. Absolutely nothing looks worse for niche authority when you see material is dated and has actually broken or redirect links.


As a solopreneur, IFTTT takes normally regular and mundane tasks off your plate and assigns them activates which prompt a workflow with an outcome you desire. Here are just a handful of applets you could use to maximize time and make your site more powerful:

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