WordPress top tech: Under the hood of the world’s most popular CMS


Image: iStock/ BernardaSv You utilize the web? . Let’s pop the hood and take a look at the software application owning countless SMB websites, ecommerce stores, and enterprise blog sites.

The engine driving much of the web is WordPress. In February, developer Automattic WP Engine, a cloud host, released a white paper that reaffirms the universality of WordPress and uses insights on how the software application is released. “WordPress has actually developed significantly over the past decade,” stated David Vogelpohl, vice president of web strategy at WP Engine. “It started as blogging software but is more of a content management system nowadays.”

“Massive” is not a hyperbolic claim. According to the WP Engine data, WordPress is used on 32.7% of the leading 500 most-trafficked sites, including business brand names like,,,, and WP Engine and Automattic knew WordPress was big however were amazed to find out the software is pervasive across organisation sectors. “Sixty-seven percent of the highest-trafficked sites,” the report said, “were developed on several platforms, however no other platform was represented as predominantly as WordPress.”


Image: WP Engine WordPress has actually grown substantially, Vogelpohl said, in big part since the software is nimble and extendable. “As technology trends modification, WordPress progresses,” he said. “It works on your phone, it can support multi-sites with countless users, and can deal with safe transactions. If your business has a specific need, chances are high a trustworthy developer has actually created an option. That’s actually powerful.”

Unsurprisingly Google Analytics is among the most popular combinations and is used on 410 of the leading 500 most-trafficked sites. By category the leading WordPress combinations are marketing, analytics, security, and SEO. The leading innovation combinations in WordPress are Viewport Meta, SPF, DoubleClick, PHP, Nginx, Facebook, and RSS. Where WordPress shines, Vogelpohl stated, is optimization and modification within plugins. “The most effective and popular websites are frequently custom-made and dressed up with upgrades and improvements that turn a standard site into an engaging, highly trafficked one,” the report stated.


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The top WordPress optimizations are plugins that interoperate with content shipment networks (CDN), establish SSL, set fixed pages for the Google search index, and disperse content by means of RSS. For lots of publishers, these optimizations are in service of marketing and many plugins link with programmatic services like DoubleClick, AdSense, AppNexus, and OpenAds.Because WordPress is so accessible, Vogelpohl said, the top integrated shows languages act as a barometer of coding trends.” PHP, SQL, CSS, and AJAX libraries have been WordPress staples for many years,” he said, “and JavaScript and jQuery came on strong and remained popular with developers.” Completing the leading WordPress tech are Google Hosted Libraries, Conditional Remarks, and Modernizr.

“JavaScript is the most popular programs language utilized to build the web’s leading 500 sites,” the WP Engine white paper stated, because “JavaScript Libraries help developers get a jump start on building the best code for a site.” Modern and available tools, Vogelpohl stated, are why WordPress is most likely to remain attractive for little and big companies alike.

Automattic’s Chris Taylor concurs.” [This] speaks to exactly what makes WordPress so special and why the open web is so important for companies in 2017,” he stated. “You can go to countless various websites that are all powered by WordPress, however they each look completely distinct. This is why organisations enjoy it.”

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