Top 10 WordPress SEO Mistakes That Beginners Make

Although social signals don’t have a huge effect on ranking, there’s no argument that social networks can help bring people to your site. So you want as numerous individuals to click on your material as possible.That implies making your content look its finest when it’s shared on social media networks. You require to make sure you have open graph information triggered for Facebook and Twitter Cards activated for Twitter.The Yoast SEO plugin can do all of this for you with the click of a couple buttons.To enable open graph data for Facebook, just Enable it in the Yoast settings.…


WordPress Development, Freelancing, and Taking Time Off, with Lara Schenck — SitePoint

In this episode of the Versioning Show, David and Tim are joined by Lara Schenck, a freelance web consultant and educator. They discuss making a living as a freelancer, productivity and the art of procrastinating, networking and answering emails, self teaching and gaining experience, using metaphors to explain things, understanding what clients really need, taking time off, saving money, and progressively enhancing babies. Show Notes Conversation Highlights I will say it sounds like a dream, but you can’t separate work and life in the same way you can when you have a job and you can leave. One important…