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Every web owner understands that traffic is the lifeline of their website, and good content is the key to getting the flood. Getting visitors is not the only thing; retaining them is also necessary. This is where website design and user interface play a considerable function. If your website is intuitive and easy on the eye, your visitor will invest longer on your site, online search engine will love your website more, and your site will get a higher position in the search results.One of the key

elements of intuitive and user friendly web design is the menu. If you wish to make your menu stick out among most of the other regular web menus out there, you can use the mega menu to include images, widgets, and essentially any interactive web component that you desire within your menu. And if you are a WordPress user, there’s a plugin for that.Making Sense

of Mega Menus

What is a mega menu? It’s one of the current trends in website design that has been selected up by major websites, specifically in the e-commerce realm such as Wal-Mart, OfficeMax, Target, Adidas, Puma, Toys-R-Us, and so on. The nature of a mega menu makes it best for online sellers. However it’s also perfect for other sort of sites, such as The White Home or IMDB.


The menu is as old as the site itself. It’s the tool that visitors use to assist them navigate websites they go to. Standard menus that we have actually grown to love and dislike offer users strings of text and drop-down text to achieve their job, but a mega menu takes things up a few notches.The mega menu

allows users to add other web elements to the menu. You can consist of the most current five posts from your blog along with their included images inside the menu. Using this capability, online retailers can add images of their items and maybe the offers of the day in the mega menu and utilize it as another signboard where they can further promote their products.Adding a Mega Menu

to Your WordPress Blog If WordPress powers your website, and you wish to place the mega menu as part of the user experience, the procedure is as easy as installing a plugin and doing a little setup.There are a number of options that you can find in the WordPress plugin repository, but we are going to utilize one of the most popular ones with over 100 thousand installs, a nearly ideal luxury ranking, which is routinely updated: Max Mega Menu. You can utilize it with your existing theme and modify it by dragging and dropping the elements.You can get the plugin from within your WordPress dashboard by going to the “Plugins-

> Include New “menu and looking for “Max Mega Menu.” After installing and triggering the plugin, go to” Look-> Menus”from the sidebar. Then you require

to allow Max Mega Menu via its settings to the left of the menu tree. If you can’t find the settings, attempt to choose “Primary “as the menu to modify from the drop-down. You will see the additional Mega Menu alternatives when you hover your mouse tip over among the private

menu items. You can use the existing menus as the base to include mega menus, or you can also develop a new set of menus from

scratch. We will not talk about the best ways to produce a menu in WordPress, as it’s another story by itself, however you can describe the official page for guidance.Clicking the Mega Menu choices will launch a panel including all the Mega Menu settings for this menu item. The fundamental actions that you can take are: Pick between the routine, cascading, drop-down menu called the “Flyout” or”Mega Menu “where the menu area fills the menu width Include readily available widgets to the menu Choose the number of columns you wish to use for

  • that particular menu
  • Each extra widget comes with the edit button to enable users to change the material

    inside.Since the outcomes will depend upon what widgets you put in the mega menu, everything boils down to exactly what widgets

    you have in your arsenal. The more items in your collections, the bigger possibilities that you have.Some themes and plugins included special widgets of their own. You can also find more WordPress widgets with the assistance of good ol’ Google.

    And since you can include essentially anything utilizing the mix of the”Text”widget and light coding, the sky is the limitation for your imagination.Quick Case Research study To offer you a concept of exactly what you can do with the plugin, I attempted to do a quick case study.First I changed the menu from Flyout to Mega Menu.

    I chose an existing

    menu with sub menus inside, deleted some of the sub menus that I do not require, and opened

    the Max Mega Menu panel. I adjusted the column to match the number of submenus, and I added an image using JetPack’s image widget.To make things merrier, I also added a calendar and a social media icons widget, even if I can.Now let’s compare the in the past and after of our little case study. Here’s what the menu looked

    like prior to I added mega menu.< img title="megamenu-mte-before"src=""data-sizes ="automobile "alt ="megamenu-mte-before "> And here’s the result of my


    menu after the tweaking.

    So exactly what do you think of the mega menu? Is this simply a momentary pattern, or will it remain longer? Will you include a mega menu to your website? Share your viewpoint in the remarks below.

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