Complete Tutorial to Add Browser Push Notifications to your WordPress site

is an awesome service that allows you to send these push notifications.

In this tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to enable push notifications for your WordPress blog.

You should open your WordPress blog’s admin panel and follow along with this tutorial. Within 5 minutes, your WordPress blog will be web-push notification enabled.

How to Get more subscribers & traffic with browser Push Notifications

At this moment, this service supports the Chrome browser on all platforms (mobile & desktop) and the Safari browser on Mac OS. In the future, we can expect it to support other browsers like Firefox.

The setup part is quick and easy. So let’s get started with this step-by-step guide.

Thefree account allows you to send unlimited push messages per month for 2,500 subscribers, which is a decent number for a small and medium-sized blog.

Once you have signed up for an account, you need to add your blog’s name and add your blog’s logo. This is useful for the branding of your push notifications.

Pushengage starter

  • Upon activation of the plugin, click on PushEngage > Dashboard. To activate the plugin you need to get the API Key from your PushEngage account. I have marked the points in the below image that will help you create the API Key.

Creating an API Key

Once you are done activating the plugin, now you need to configure the subscription settings.

  • Go to Settings > Installation Settings & add your logo. (This is important for your brand identity.)

Installation settings Pushcrew

Subscription Dialog Box Settings

This is where you will configure the prompt that users will see to subscribe to your push updates. I use “Single Step Optin” for ShoutMeLoud & I suggest the same for you. “Safari Style Box” is another popular method.

Subscription box settings

Once you are done and logged in, you will see a dashboard like the one below (in the screenshot). It will show you the stats of existing subscribed users and other details.

You can click on the “Send A Notification” tab to send a custom push message anytime.

This value is pretty crucial& you really should create your GCM account.

Welcome notification

If you want to send a welcome message to users who subscribed to your notifications, use this feature.

You can ask users to download your mobile app or send them to your top resources.

Here is a Stats report of push notifications from ShoutMeLoud:

push notification stats

In your post writing section, you will see an option to send push notifications when you publish or update a post.

Send automatic push notifications

Try not to send too many push notifications in a short span. In the next guide, I will share a few tricks of PushEngage to help you make the most out of push notifications.

Do let me know your experience with web-push notifications. Do you know of another modern subscription option that I should cover here on ShoutMeLoud?

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  1. Gaurav Khuranasays

    Thanks Harsh Configured it. Good to see you are even promoting plugins which has just 900+ downloads.. Some of the options are changed..Like single optin subscriber has been removed

    Also there is a delay field introduced

  2. Niraj Kashyapsays

    Nice Tutorial, I was using pushengage before I found your post.

    There is a little tweak in Pushengage, if anyone uses HTTPS then they can hide the subdomain extension and show their own URL in the Alert Box/popup.

    I started using without https so I noticed this change.

  3. Pramendra Singhsays

    Thanks for such an informative post. My question is, can we use it on mobile devices too. I think this doesn’t support mobile devices yet.

  4. Shraban Kumar Mahatosays

    Hi Harsh, I am already using it on blogger. Push notification is an amazing service for bloggers, as well as blog readers. I have nice experience on it.

  5. Sonu Sharmasays

    Hi Harsh
    I was noticing these notifications on different blogs, its really good idea.

  6. Atul Sinhasays

    Very helpful article to implement push notification for wordpress users but my blog is running on blogspot. So is there any way to implement push notification on blogspot?

  7. Gurjyot Singhsays

    Great article Harsh and definitely there is a great benefit of enabling push notifications. I just saw that PushEngage is also a big service provider and they are providing free service up to 2500 subscribers which is great as well.
    Although you can also tell about OneSignal which provides push notification service for free to all. I have used it for sometime and it’s working just fine. Just sharing my experience 🙂

  8. Robin Khokharsays

    Hi Harsh,
    I wanted to add this feature, but this time with the help of your post i will be doing.
    Thanks for great share.

  9. Mattsays

    Hi Harsh, informative post! I have been seeing these push notifications offers popup for a while in my browser every time I visited your blog, but quite honestly I was confused about it. I think there needs to be better/clearer instructions (which probably would need to be implemented by the PushEngage techs) on how a person needs to subscribe to this. Like when it shows up it says something by default like “Always subscribe to Push Notifications” and then it’s just sitting there like that and I always thought I was subscribed since it was just sitting there showing “Always Subscribe” and it didn’t say or really move me intuitively to do anything else.

    But then today something told me to actually click on where it says “Always Subscribe”. Then that’s when I realized that all this time I had never really been subscribed to your push notifications; I just thought I was. So in my opinion they need to work on better prompts for this – especially being that this is a new technology and many visitors might be confused by it. It just needs to be more intuitive for people to subscribe and I’m sure I’m not the only person on the web who has been confused by this.

  10. Shivani Sinhasays

    Thanks Harsh for such an informative article. I am currently using Pushchamp for web push notifications and it has attempted to change how we have been managing the delivery and usability of notifications. I am happy with their services but this article has given me a very clear insight for blog push notifications.

  11. Aarohisays

    Hi Harsh I have tried this after reading your post and it is very easy to implement as well as useful tool. But have one issue it is using lot of resources and hence increasing my site load time which again is not a good sign. Is there any solution for same

  12. Amitsays

    Hi Harsh I have tried this after reading your post and it is very easy to implement as well as useful tool. But have one issue it is using lot of resources and hence increasing my site load time which again is not a good sign. Is there any solution for same

  13. ALOK DASsays

    Hi Harsh,
    It’s amazing to know about the technique , I was just googling about I got your article It helps to follow the step one by one in correct way
    Thanks a lot

  14. Dumajisays

    Yes I see most of the bloggers using push notifications. This is the easiest way and good alternative to pop ups if I’m not wrong.

    I would install it today and will check the response.

  15. CuongPjhsays

    This is truly what I am looking for my blog. An announcement will help push back rate increases user’s website. Thank Harsh.

  16. Harpreetsays

    Thanks Harsh for explaining the nitty-gritty of PushEngage. I saw this on your website first time and thought to do same on mine too but was unsure on few things. Now I have something to refer back while doing it on my website. Great Info. Thanks again!!

  17. Diptisays

    I had no idea that pushengage offers free account!! Thank you so much sir for this step by step tutorial. I’m going to install it on my blog right away!

  18. Belal Khansays

    I was seeing you were using LetsReach.. I tried that but that is not good. Today I read this post.. Gonna try this for my blog. Thank You Harsh 🙂

  19. manju raisays

    Thanks for the post Harsh ! Actually a good plugin. I thought push notification is part of cording and only coders can do that. But with this post you cleared my misunderstandings.

  20. Sanjay Singh Rawatsays

    Hi Sir,
    I’m create a new blog many days I was thinking to add push notifications for own blog. Push notification also important for blog. Thanks for this awesome post.

  21. Nicolas Pueghersays

    Wow! This is very helpful. I am not using any of that but now I think it might be a good idea to set up something like this. As always, providing great value and doing it in a very simple way! Thanks a lot.

  22. Nellsays

    WOW this is gold ! I am damn sure push notifications is much better than any other subscription tool in terms of instant connection and reaching to the subscribers. Thanks for the awesome tut ! 🙂

  23. Csaba Kissisays

    I would like to see something like this multi-platform. Eespecially for mobile phones as we’re experiencing more and more mobile users on our site. This seems to be a global trend I think.

  24. Ashiksays

    Harsh, Thanks for the Nice Info
    But How to use in the Blogspot Blogs? I need Help..

    • [email protected]


Complete Tutorial to Add Browser Push Notifications to your WordPress site

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